Drama Education


Drama is an effective teaching medium that should be used to a greater extent in the primary English classroom. It offers a wide range of contexts and roles which allow our students to actively engage in purposeful communication. It is a powerful mean of raising personal and collective self-esteem. We has been established our Ho Sau Nan English Drama School Team for almost five years. This establishment aims at building up pupils’ confidence, developing pupils’ performance talent and consolidating pupils’ team spirit and sense of belonging. We provide a series of training programmes for our students to develop their script writing skill, speaking skill, dancing skill, make-up skill, props making skill and stage performance skill every year.


Our students performed different English musical plays in the past few years. They had wonderful imagination. When they assumed the roles of the characters in the musical play, they tended to forget themselves and lost their shyness and resistance to speaking English. Students worked confidently in groups using a range of drama techniques to explore situations. I was proud of the progress they had made in the musical play. I hope that my students can keep going to discover and develop their talents from the drama courses in the future.